Is Fear Holding You Back?

Is Fear Holding You Back?

Learn 5 ways to hold fear back and have more success.

Most failure is a result of fear. Although I never thought I was a fearful person, as I began experiencing some failure in my life, I began to realize I had a lot more fear in me than I thought.

We have all heard the FEAR acronym ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. In most cases, that is exactly what is happening.

Fear-Holding-You-Back-fear-is-holding-me-back Most of the time, fear sneaks in when we are challenged with the unexpected, the new & or the unfamiliar. When we are confronted with these types of situations, the level of energy we bring to the situation will determine our response. The more positive we are, the higher the energy we have, and the more excited we will most likely feel. The more negative we are, the lower our energy level is, and the more fearful we will most likely become.

When our perspective is negative, we use our minds and our imagination to come up with dreadful, horrible outcomes that we don’t want and then decide that is exactly what is happening or going to happen.

I have always considered myself a pretty positive person. Some people even refer to me as being Polly Ana because I am notorious for finding the good in a situation – right????  As I have studied transformation, I have become acutely aware that, I am not ALWAYs as positive as I thought and sometimes, I have no idea where the negativity came from…  As I looked at some of my failures, I realized they were really rooted in my fears. Not realizing it at the time, I have made some big decisions in my life that were rooted in fear. This has been great learning for me and hopefully might help you.

For example, I decided that when I retired from my corporate career, I was going to get into real estate investing. I would do some flipping, renting & maybe even wholesaling. I invested in a program and began learning about it while I was still working. I dabbled in it for a couple of years, bought some rental properties, and then was let go from my corporate position.

After about 6 months of solely working on my new real estate investing career, I was not being successful with the flipping and wholesaling and I HATED being a landlord. I had no idea at that point why I thought I would enjoy this new career.Fear-Holding-You-Back-fear-is-holding-me-back

It wasn’t until I changed careers and became a transformation coach, that I realized, I had entered that real estate field for the wrong reason. It was not my dream, but my fear that cause me to pursue that career. I feared that my two sons who are in rehabbing and construction, would not be successful in the long term. I projected their future failure in my head and decided that If I built a successful real estate business, I could bring them into it, teach them the business end and they would have long-term success after I was gone. My imagined fear for them caused me to make decisions and ultimately fail in that business. FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL It wasn’t what I really wanted, nor was it what they really wanted, and ultimately it did not work for any of us.

Are you projecting your fears on yourself or others? Is that fear holding you back from becoming the success you know you can be? Is that fear impacting others you work with or others at home that you love? If so, here are a few tips on how to turn that acronym into a more useful tool

1). Face Everything And Rise   

When situations come up and you notice that you are feeling fearful instead of excited, raise your energy level and know that you have the power to rise above any circumstance or situation.  You just have to look it in the eye, acknowledge it, and believe in yourself and your power to rise above it

2). Feeling Excited And Ready     

How we think and talk to ourselves is extremely important. Our results are a true reflection of our state of mind.  When circumstances arise that you would prefer did not arise, notice how you physically feel. If your reaction is negative, choose to change it and feel excited and ready to resolve it.  Tell yourself as many times as necessary that you are excited and ready to resolve until you feel your energy level increase. This energy will help you access a successful resolution.

3). Face Everything and Respond

4). Fail Early and Responsibly

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says that failure is part of the process. “If you know you are going to fail, do it early and do it responsibly”

5). For Everything A R Failure is not to be feared, it is a stepping stone for success. 

We can learn from our failures many times, more than we can learn from our success. There is a greater good in our failure if we are willing to learn what that is.

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