Laziness Is a Decision

Laziness Is a Decision

As I looked in the rearview mirror, I could see my daughter’s clothes flying across the highway. Panicked, we immediately pulled the truck over to readjust the tarps covering her possessions. Although the rain had stopped temporarily, the winds were gusting, and passing cars were splashing water all over as we repositioned the tarp and tightened the ropes again. 

This was the third time we had to stop. As my eight-year-old grandson watched me, he yelled out, “Hey G-Ma! Why don’t you put the rope through those holes?” Looking at the grommets around the edge of the tarp, I thought, Of course! I should have used those in the first place. I didn’t bother because I was in a hurry. I was lazy and took the easy way out. That decision to be lazy cost me time, stress, a few articles of clothing, and potentially it could have cost me a whole lot more.  In retrospect, I was actually really lucky. 

Once I took the time to use the proper resources and do it right, the tarp quit blowing around, and we didn’t have to stop again. 

I didn’t actively choose to be lazy.  The reality is though, when we decide to take shortcuts, when we choose the easy way out, we are absolutely choosing to be lazy, whether we acknowledge it or not. 

My laziness not only cost me time, frustration, and stress; the tension between my daughter and me was off the charts for that whole 6-hour drive! Laziness can cost you freedom, happiness, health, and even your wealth. How often do you take the easy way out when it comes to your life? You are not going to earn what you want, enjoy good health, or even have great relationships until you decide to quit being lazy. 

Let me ask you: Do you absolutely love EVERYTHING about your life?  

      • Are you satisfied with how much money you make? 
      • Are you happy with your weight? 
      • Do you love how the way you feel? 
      • Are you content with ALL your relationships— family, friends, co-workers?  

In my experience, there are very few people who love every single thing about their life. There is always something we’d like to change, something we’d like to improve.   

If there are things you want to change, why haven’t you changed them?  

You probably haven’t changed them because it doesn’t hurt badly enough for you to make the change.   You have become comfortable with settling. 

Just like driving that truck, I didn’t try something different until my daughter’s clothes started flying across the highway. 

Your life may not be what you want, or what you would love it to be, and you also believe it is too hard to change. It is easier to settle for “less” than to change to obtain “more.” So, you have the amount of money you have, you weigh what you weigh, and your relationships are what they are because  you have settled. You are actually comfortable with your life; you have become just fine with the way it is and so you have become too lazy to change or do anything to make it better. 

NEWS FLASH: Being comfortable with your life will NOT get you the outcomes you desire and deserve! 

Fear and stress are the two biggest indicators that determine how well your life is going. The more fear and stress you have, the less freedom and happiness you have. Fear attacks all areas of our lives. Some people:  

      • Fear losing their jobs
      • Don’t like their jobs but are afraid to do anything about it  
      • Have already lost their job  
      • Struggle with changes in their work environments  
      • Battle loneliness, fatigue, and boredom  
      • Have unhealthy relationship issues with their spouse, partners, children and/or co-workers.  
      • Are petrified of getting sick 
      • Have gained weight and are tired and just NOT feeling GOOD. 

These kinds of fears cause anxiety and depression, as well as physical, emotional, and financial stress. 

Are you feeling similar fears and stresses? If so, are you acknowledging them and doing anything about them? Or are you being lazy and trying to ignore or suppress them? 

Do you know what that laziness is
costing you?
The ripple effect of that laziness AND your decision not to change, impacts you and everyone you know.  Do you realize that if you do not lean into the fear of becoming who you really want to be and living into your fullness, the fear of what you don’t want will eventually come around to get your attention in the form of sickness, or an accident or losing your job.  Life will do something to try and wake you up! 

Take a minute and rate the areas of your life to identify what areas may need to change. Circle the number that best represents how satisfied you are with your life in that area. 

If you did not score a nine or ten in every area of your life, you are settling. Things are going to stay the way they are until you stop settling. Until you let go of being comfortable with the way things are, nothing will get better.  Take charge now!  Don’t wait for life to wake you up with something you DON’T want before you decide to take charge and work toward what you do want. 

So, what does it take to change? 

Change starts with the basic acceptance of the fact that you have settled, understanding that you are not going to do anything differently to make things better until a CRISIS hits, and the decision to change either before or after crisis hits.  

Changing the way YOU THINK about the way things are will help you make lasting change. . . 

So, how does the way you think about things show up in your life? The most common examples are New Year’s resolutions, diets, and reading self-help books. The change people are looking for generally lasts a couple of months, or sometimes only a month or even just a week.  

When our lives start to hurt a little, we typically reach out externally; we read an article, buy a book, sign up for a training, even hire a coach. We look for something we can do to fix it. It works for a while—but only for a while because the fix is temporary. It is just as easy to get derailed by some other external input. It only takes one well-meaning friend to tell you, “That’s not going to work,” and you are done. Doubt creeps in and you quit. That friend influenced your thoughts just as easily as did your external solution. Doing something different because someone tells us to or because we read somewhere that we should; does not work. Why? Because you are changing your actions, but you are not changing YOU. You’re not changing your thoughts or your beliefs. 

Real, permanent change comes from going internal and changing the way you think. When you change the way you think about things, you can achieve permanent change in your behavior. Your mind and body work together to produce your results. Internal change begins with your thoughts. 

Your Thoughts => Feelings => Actions => Results 

Your thoughts cause you to feel something. Your feelings cause you to act or not act. Your actions are what causes the results you are getting. 

If you want to know what you have been thinking, just look at your results. Your results are an exact reflection of the way you are thinking. 

That is why you must change the way you think about the way things are. 

You can start today to go internal and improve your results permanently. Use the 3 Ds below as a guideline on where to focus. 

3 Ds 

            • Define

Clearly define your areas of stress and anxiety. Look at your life assessment ratings. What is it about those areas that causes your unhappiness and dissatisfaction?  Write them out.  Clearly define your longings and discontents.  (What you want less of this year) 

            • Design 

Design what you would love in the areas you want to change. What would those areas look like and feel like if they were exactly what you wanted them to be? Be specific –  clarity is power! When you build a house, you don’t merely tell the architect you want a nice house, you tell him how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’d like, you describe the kitchen island, and you detail everything you want. Be your own architect and design exactly what you want. 

            • Decide

Decide you are not going to be lazy anymore. Commit to the life you have designed by deciding that you will change the way you think now. The amazing thing is that once you decide on something, suddenly opportunities show themselves that you would have never seen if you had not made that decision. Decision making is the most critical part of the process and the foundation to your success.  

You didn’t wake up this morning wanting today to be no better than yesterday, did you? You are not reading this to stay the same and not get any better. You actually do want your life to be the way you have been telling yourself you want it to be, right?  

      • Don’t let laziness cost you the life you deserve. 
      • Choose to change how you think about things. 
      • Use the resources in front of you to live a life you love. 

Are you ready to start getting the results you want and deserve? Awesome! Start now by changing the way you think. NOW is the only time you have, so ACT NOW. 

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